Patron - The Earl of Scarbrough

contact: phoenix17(at)

We are a community-based team of enthusiasts who specialise in traditional English Traditional Sword Dancing. We perform dances in three distinct styles; Longsword dances of the Yorkshire region together with their accompanying Plough Stots morris dances and the short sword or ‘Rapper’ dances from North-Eastern England .

From September 2017 we are looking for more members for the team. We are an equal opportunity team (as far as is possible) and welcome all ages and genders.

On this site you can find out about sword dancing and where to see us in performance.

Contact us via;

How to become a sword dancer…

We practice every Monday (except the ones where we do something else)

at Maltby Progressive Club, Walters Rd. Maltby.

so make a note:-

Monday 7.30 to 9.30 …… everyone welcome.

We especially welcome families!

We may even have a drink and play a bit of music afterwards. So come and make a night of it?

There you are, something for everyone. If you fancy a bit of exercise and a laugh at the same time,  if you’ve got a hankering to wander about in short trousers and stripey socks, or if you want to travel to strange and exotic places such as London, Newcastle, Warwick or Wath then come and give it a try!

Maltby Sword Dancers

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